Erin senses warmer weather is in the air

Erin Walton

The donkeys here in Liscarroll are like children on Christmas eve, daffodils are in flower, wild primroses (one of Ireland's protected plants) are in bloom and the birds are in full chorus claiming their territories. These are the little clues that every donkey here knows and remembers from last year, it won’t be long now before our donkeys can be turned out to pasture.

Donkeys at the Paris International Agricultural Show


The yearly International Agricultural Show was on in Paris earlier this month. It’s a huge thing. I usually go but remain in the restricted area of hall 4, which accommodates fowls, rabbits, dogs and... equines.

This year I did try to have a look at the cows, sheep and goats area as well, but to tell the truth just went in to say hello and buy a Roquefort cheese after I’d spent four hours with the donkeys.

Appeal for marathon runners to help neglected donkeys


The Donkey Sanctuary in Liscarroll is appealing for volunteers to run the Dublin Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, held on Monday 1st June, to raise funds for its cause.

A roof over our heads

A roof over our heads

The money we receive from our supporters is very carefully spent with the donkeys' welfare in mind. Feed, medication, farriery, dentistry, care and housing all tug at the purse strings and it is rewarding for us to be able to share news with you when major projects come to completion.

Hannigan's Farm sits high on a ridge above the village of Liscarroll, about two miles from the main Sanctuary. It is really exposed to the elements and the bad weather hits hard in

Left in a field

Val on arrival

Val, a lovely skewbald donkey, was just left in a field on someone's land. It's hard to imagine why or how anyone could do this. The landowners did not want to keep this unexpected guest and with help from the local Garda, Val was relinquished into our care.

Our oldest resident donkey


This morning I was off to Hannigan's Farm with a list of donkeys to take photos of for the next newsletter. It got off to a good start ... the sun was shining!

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