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A mother's love

In a group of donkeys beside our Visitor Information Centre lives a mother and son with a special bond.

Bocelli lives with his mother Eren in a group of donkeys at our sanctuary in Liscarroll.

Supporting the donkeys of Inis Mor

Two members of our welfare team travelled to Inis Mor in November to support the donkeys in the island community. 

Inis Mor Donkeys

Supporting Ned and Jack

When we received a request from a donkey owner, desperate for help, we responded with advice and support.

Jack and Ned were nervous and unused to being handled

Our sanctuary in Liscarroll

We know you miss visiting our donkeys at our sanctuary in Liscarroll and they miss you too!

Adoption donkey Jacksie

Preparing for the cold winter months

Winter care is about helping your donkey withstand the lower temperatures and stay healthy, rather than shutting them in completely.

Wintercare for donkeys

Seven foals saved

Seven foals found safety in our care after being rescued from hunger and cold. We recently caught up with their progress.

At home on the Open Farm

A return to the fields

Recent sunny and dry weather allowed our donkeys and mules to return to their paddocks to enjoy warm weather.

Donkeys return to the fields in April

Covid-19 advice for donkey owners

We are still here for donkey owners or Donkey Guardian worried about caring for their animals during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Donkey Welfare Adviser, Joe with Orlaith Jane and Bella

Environment enrichment

Looking after the mental well-being of our donkeys and mules is very important as it can affect their physical health and behaviour.

Physical and mental enrichment is essential to the well-being of donkeys and mules. Enrichment helps to maintain normal behaviour, prevent problems associated with boredom, ensures their instinctual needs are met, increases exercise and maintains a healthy weight, to name but a few.

A welly boot can be used an an enrichment toy

A spring run out

Dry weather ensured that some of our donkeys enjoyed a run in the fields last week.

Catch me if you can

Aid for Australian donkeys

The Donkey Sanctuary Worldwide made a one off £10,000 donation to help an Australian donkey sanctuary earlier this year.

The Good Samaritan Sanctuary, Australia was hit by drought earlier this year

Visiting Foley and Fergus

We visited donkeys Foley and Fergus who were rehomed to the 'Garden Project' at the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum.

Foley and Fergus have settled well into their new home

Caring for Parsley

In 2019 a group of fourteen donkeys from Co. Cork came into our care. Parsley was one of the youngest donkeys in this group. Unused to being handled, he was nervous and frightened.

Parsley was thin and his lice infested coat was dirty and matted. The New Arrivals team knew they needed to treat Parsley urgently. Given that Parsley was a wild foal - due to lack of human contact before his rescue - he was sedated in order for his coat to be fully clipped.

Parsley settled in New Arrivals