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The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland 2022 Calendar

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland 2022 Calendar is now available to order. 

Discover the beautiful images taken at the farm throughout the year. Each month features a different adoption donkey, along with a description about what makes them unique.

As part of this year's edition, we have also included the donkey's birthdays, so be sure to visit our social media channels to celebrate with us on their special day. 

Donkey Sanctuary Calendar

A fresh start for five rescued donkeys

Three mares with life-threatening tumours and two foals are now safe in our care after being discovered wandering an area of land in Kenmare.

Two cute foals

Donkey Welfare Crisis: Young stallion tied to a tree in Cork city

Last week we worked with An Garda Siochana in a community case involving a young, un-microchipped stallion tied to a tree in Cork city.

Donkey welfare adviser, Ciara O'Kelly, travelled to Cork and The Gardai was with the donkey when Ciara arrived.

Ciara says: "Teenagers had been seen hitting the donkey and trying to jump on his back. It was evident that the animal had been traumatised and was very distressed. I could tell he was a young stallion - barely one years old."

Donkey tied to tree

Help needed to tackle the donkey welfare crisis

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland, one of Ireland's largest animal welfare charities, alongside equine charity associates, is appealing for public support this winter to help tackle a deepening, national donkey welfare crisis.

Donkey at sanctuary

A heartfelt farewell to Eyeore

Eyeore, a beloved member of the Open Farm family, has sadly passed away.

Eyeore was 32 years of age and had been a resident at The Donkey Sanctuary since 2001. He was relinquished into the care of our staff at the Open Farm, Knockardbane, at the age of 11. During his later years Eyeore joined the oldies group, and our Farm Team did a fantastic job looking after him.

Eyeore the donkey

Book your visit

We are delighted to welcome visitors back once again to our Open Farm. We know you have missed our donkeys and they have missed you too.

Welcome back

Supporting donkeys in the west

We responded quickly to a support request for a group of donkeys that had grown due to unplanned breeding.

Six of the eight donkeys were very thin

Harvesting haylage

Managing feedstuffs for our resident herd of donkeys and mules requires year round planning by Declan Sexton,Head of Farms.

Harvesting haylage

Time to buy hay and straw

Ian Colton, Donkey Welfare Adviser has some tips about buying hay and straw for winter feed for donkeys.

Time to buy straw and hay

Supporting two donkeys and a mule

Caring for two donkeys and a mule was proving difficult for an owner who reached out to us for help and advice. Ciara O'Kelly, Donkey Welfare Adviser and other members of our welfare team reassured her and put a plan in place to support the owner and improve the welfare of her animals.

"I felt compelled to contact you following my recent experience with your wonderful organisation. I was at my wits' end having taken on two donkeys and a wayward mule as a favour for a friend. 

Ciara O'Kelly, Donkey Welfare Adviser

Supporting donkeys in the community

Our Donkey Welfare Advisers (DWA) regularly support donkey owners with advice about how to care for their animals.

Lockie, our lockdown foal

Lockie was born at our sanctuary in shortly after the first lockdown began in 2020. Read on to find out how he's been developing.

Lockie was born in our care in 2020

A new life for a marshland donkey

Following reports about the remains of a donkey along the river Corrib in Co Galway, members our welfare team investigated.

The donkey was terrified and we knew he would be difficult to catch

A new home for Teddy and Eric

Because of your donations, we are able to improve the lives of donkeys like Teddy and Eric. Can you make a donation today to help us continue our vital work?

Emily found six donkeys living in an environment that was not suited to their needs