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Panache lands on his feet (hooves!) in his new Guardian home

Panache the donkey lived a rather sad and lonely existence having being abandoned in a remote forest and then removed to an equine pound where his future hung in the balance. He was underweight and had the classical long, twisted hooves that indicated previous neglect. Thankfully The Donkey Sanctuary was able to secure the future of this young skewbald donkey that proved to have a very quiet, kind nature.

Panache meets Sparky

'Donkey Town' charity single for sale

The very talented and generous band 'The Good Hearts' have written and produced a fabulous single called 'Donkey Town' and all proceeds will be donated to The Donkey Sanctuary. The song is a very catchy and upbeat tune which references many of our resident donkeys here in Liscarroll and paints an idyllic image of our beautiful farm.

Donkey town CD

What it's all about

In our constant quest to rehome donkeys we must never lose sight of why we do it. Last week was a wonderful reminder of just how beneficial our Rehoming Scheme is to both our donkeys and our fantastic Guardians who dedicate themselves to the animals in their care. Jack and Jerry have had sarcoid trouble in the past and when we spotted the return of some growths on both donkeys we decided to transport them from their idyllic abode in the Dublin Mountains to the veterinary hospital for treatment.

Miriam delighted to have her donkeys home safe

All good things come to an end

We are saddened to hear about Moses passing away this week in Hannigan's farm, he has been a true favourite through the years. Moses came to The Donkey Sanctuary in June 2001 as a 14 year old gelding from a private home in Co Kilkenny, he had two permanent rope marks embedded on his neck indicating he was abused at some point in his life. His owner relinquished him to us as he felt he was dangerous to his cattle and to people.

Moses sporting his flash new haircut

Yara and friends glad to find sanctuary

Yara (meaning loved one) and five others found themselves in an equine pound in County Longford in May 2016 after being abandoned. Their hooves were extremely overgrown and distorted, resulting in severe pain each time they took a step.

Thankfully, the pound called us and told us about the plight of these poor donkeys. An immediate plan was put in place to bring them to safety and to help end their suffering.

Yara is a skewbald mare who was underweight and infested with lice and worms, with horrifically painful hooves. She is bonded to other donkeys Lyanna and Meera.

Yara, Lyanna and Meera with terribly overgrown hooves

Lucky Charm and Timothy move around

I have been working at The Donkey Sanctuary for a long time, twenty years plus, mainly at Knockardbane Farm where it all started from a leaking caravan and a few staff.

I can honestly say there never has been one day the same, every day comes with something different- be it happy or sad stories and endings. I recently got the task at short notice to arrange to move two of our donkeys across the water to their new home.

Lucky Charm and Timothy settling in


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