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Eddie, back on his hooves

Our vet team worked hard to ensure that Eddie, a donkey with a bleak future received all the treatment he needed to turn his life around.

Late last year, a man requested help with his donkey Eddie who had difficulty standing in his field. The donkey’s hooves were extremely long and misshapen and he was suffering from severe laminitis (a cripplingly painful foot disease).

Eddie's daily massage

The Donkey Sanctuary 2019 Calendar

The Donkey Sanctuary 2019 Calendar is now available! Packed with photos of donkeys in the care of The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland, this calendar makes an ideal gift for friends or loved ones. With the Christmas season fast approaching, the calendar is a perfect stocking filler.

Calendars can be ordered below and we can send them anywhere in the world.
Suggested donation per calendar is €10 plus €2.50 postage and packaging.

Donkey Sanctuary Calendar

Learning to live again

With no access to water or food for some time, Amelia, Romily and Jazz were discovered living alongside the carcasses of two donkeys. Thankfully we were alerted to the plight of these donkeys earlier this year and because of your generosity we were able to respond.

Early this year, welfare adviser Jane Bruce responded to a concern around some donkeys in Co. Antrim. On arrival at a patch of waste ground, Jane was shocked to discover three emaciated donkeys living among the carcasses of two other donkeys.


Farm Worker/Groom

The Donkey Sanctuary (Ireland) Ltd is a registered charity which has been protecting donkeys in Ireland for over 30 years. The charity has 4 farms and over 1800 donkeys in its care.

We are looking for somebody to join our team of highly skilled farm workers who look after the resident donkeys on our farms which are located in and around the beautifully scenic Liscarroll village, only 20 a minute drive from Mallow. Here you will enjoy the serenity of rural Ireland and the peace and tranquillity of the North Cork countryside.

Donkey Welfare Adviser, Leinster

Donkey Welfare Advisers (DWAs) are professionals in donkey and mule welfare. They play a key role in the front line work of The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland. Acting as an ambassador for the charity at all times while responding to donkeys in need, DWAs focus on growing and managing a high quality rehoming scheme in their area.

Concrete Islands

When we were snowed in for a week recently I cleared an area on my concrete yard where I could let my donkeys out when the weather improved. The snow has at last gone but we have had plenty of rain of late. My yard is part concreted and part (supposedly) a hard gravel surface. However like so many Guardian homes I have visited in the last few weeks once you step off the concrete you are into sloppy muck area or worse! The photo shows four donkeys being led around my concrete by participants during my most recent Donkey Care Course (10th March).

Donkey Hoof Care

This year to date 67 donkeys in need have been taken in by The Donkey Sanctuary in Cork.

Many of these donkeys struggled to walk due to pain caused by overgrown hooves. Neeson is one such donkey who came to us in February from Kerry. As the pictures show, Neeson had painfully long hooves which made it difficult to walk. The structure of a donkey’s hooves can be altered when they are overgrown which can lead to incorrect balance and subsequently tendon and joint problems.

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