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Welcome back

We are delighted to welcome visitors back once again to our Open Farm. We know you have missed our donkeys and they have missed you too.

Welcome back

Supporting two donkeys and a mule

Caring for two donkeys and a mule was proving difficult for an owner who reached out to us for help and advice. Ciara O'Kelly, Donkey Welfare Adviser and other members of our welfare team reassured her and put a plan in place to support the owner and improve the welfare of her animals.

"I felt compelled to contact you following my recent experience with your wonderful organisation. I was at my wits' end having taken on two donkeys and a wayward mule as a favour for a friend. 

Ciara O'Kelly, Donkey Welfare Adviser

Four donkeys without shelter, without hope

Our vital community based work continues. Read on to learn more about four donkeys that urgently needed our help. 

In December 2020 we were contacted about four donkeys with long hooves in Cork. Sadly, the owner of the donkeys had passed away a year previously and the donkeys were roaming on a vast area of land without adequate shelter. 

Ciara O'Kelly, Donkey Welfare Adviser went to investigate and discovered a colt stallion, a 2 to 3-year-old stallion and a mare with her filly foal. Ciara knew these donkeys urgently needed our help and support. 

Patricia's hooves were long and painful


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