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Home for Christmas

I first met Comet and Eclipse in July 2015, two stunning skewbald donkeys, mother and daughter. Although their elderly owner cared about them, he could no longer care for them and contacted The Donkey Sanctuary for help rehoming his donkeys. They made the long journey from Meath to Cork where they received much needed attention to their hooves, teeth and other routine treatments. Although gentle and friendly, both mares were nervous and had received only limited handling. It would take some time to return both to full health and build their trust in people.

Comet and Eclipse adapting to their new home

What it's all about

In our constant quest to rehome donkeys we must never lose sight of why we do it. Last week was a wonderful reminder of just how beneficial our Rehoming Scheme is to both our donkeys and our fantastic Guardians who dedicate themselves to the animals in their care. Jack and Jerry have had sarcoid trouble in the past and when we spotted the return of some growths on both donkeys we decided to transport them from their idyllic abode in the Dublin Mountains to the veterinary hospital for treatment.

Miriam delighted to have her donkeys home safe

Rosettes and red faces at the RDS Horse Show

'"He's a lovely donkey'' is not a phrase one expects to hear at the vetting gate of the Royal Dublin Society during horse show week. A reply of ''he's an even lovelier mule'' raised a few eyebrows swiftly followed by a raft of mule/hinny related questions from the vets. This seems to set the tone for the rest of the day as myself and the mule maestro Eugene Butler displayed Sanctuary mules Bohea Lad and Kendon on a showery Sunday at the prestigious venue.

Cathy with mule Kendon

Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world

Education is without doubt a key part of the answer to improving the lives of donkeys and mules in Ireland and running donkey care courses in new venues throughout Leinster is something high on the priority list. We have held successful courses in Wexford and Dublin in established guardian homes and at My Lovely Horse welfare organisation in Kildare. Courses have been well attended and the feedback has been positive and encouraging.

Donkey care course

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