Donkey welfare

We have two full-time regional welfare officers whose sole responsibility is to co-ordinate our welfare work throughout Ireland and ensure that all reports of donkeys in trouble are investigated and dealt with as soon as possible.

If you are concerned about a donkey's welfare, please contact one of our regional welfare officers.

All calls are strictly confidential.

Left in a field

Val on arrival

Val, a lovely skewbald donkey, was just left in a field on someone's land. It's hard to imagine why or how anyone could do this. The landowners did not want to keep this unexpected guest and with help from the local Garda, Val was relinquished into our care.



Orphaned at ten days, Sanctuary staff found Nuala in danger of starvation without her mother's milk and her owner unable to find a vet who could help. A rare congenital condition has robbed her of her sight as her eyes are undeveloped. She will now enjoy specialist care with other blind donkeys at the Sanctuary here in Ireland where she is slowly settling in.

Tinsel the Christmas orphan

Tinsel, a Christmas orphan

As everyone was enjoying the build up to Christmas, a poorly donkey died from hyperlipaemia only 10 days after giving birth to a little filly foal. Discussions between the foal’s Vet, the donkeys’ owner and Donkey Sanctuary Vet, Eamon Walsh, led to a life-saving decision that the foal would be relinquished to our care.