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Neglected, starving and in dreadful pain

Flush was found neglected, starving and in dreadful painWhen Flush was relinquished into our care last year, we were shocked by the level of suffering this poor donkey had endured.

Nine year old Flush was in an appalling condition. He had clearly not been given adequate food and was extremely thin. Even worse, poor Flush’s hooves were so severely overgrown that he needed emergency specialist treatment to relieve his suffering. Despite receiving first class treatment by our dedicated team of experts, he will sadly need ongoing specialist farrier care for the rest of his life.

Building a brighter future for donkeys worldwide

A tale of two donkeys

This is the tale of two donkeys - Bullo and Abeba; two animals leading similar lives in Ethiopia, but whose fates were very different. Their stories, though heart rending at times, show just how much your support for The Donkey Sanctuary's work overseas transforms the lives of suffering animals, and of the people who depend on them for their own survival.

Please read on to hear two different stories about how your support is transforming lives.


Tying to help donkeys like Abeba

Lying on the floor with her head laid gently on an old hessian sack, Abeba, named by her owner after the Ethiopian word for flower, was fighting for her life. Brought to our clinic in Debre Zeit by her owner, she had suffered a terrible ordeal. The day before, she had gone into labour. But when complications developed, her owner, in a desperate attempt to help her, had tried to deliver the foal himself by pulling it from her body. Tragically, his attempts to help only made things worse. The foal was still-born, and worse still, Abeba was now in grave danger too, as the act of removing her foal had caused serious internal damage.

Sanctuary inundated with donkeys like Biscuit...

Biscuit on arrivalBiscuit had been found abandoned by the Gardai on a housing estate in County Wicklow. He was malnourished and had painfully long feet. When our lorry driver, Eugene Butler, went to his rescue, the poor chap practically jumped into the lorry as if he wanted to be taken away from the terrible plight he was in.

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Mossie was found in a dreadful state. His hooves were severely overgrown and he was covered in mud.

Despite all this, his faith in humans hadn’t been lost. When our welfare team found him, he was so friendly and happy to see people - it was heart warming.

Sam's sarcoid dilemma


We often come across cases of neglect and Sam is no exception. At three years of age, Sam certainly had not had the best start in life. Rescued by our Sanctuary in Ireland he now has a Sanctuary for life.