Veterinary care

The Sanctuary has an excellent veterinary clinic designed specifically for treating donkeys.

Through our experience we have gained considerable knowledge on donkey care and our veterinary staff are happy to liaise with vets in Ireland, giving advice as required. UK vets and vets abroad should contact our UK headquarters - details at foot of this page.

Through years of working with donkeys, our staff are able to impart this knowledge at veterinary conferences, thereby improving the treatment given to donkeys world-wide. Until a few years ago, the majority of vets tended to treat the donkey as a small horse but we have learnt that the donkey differs in many ways.

Full haematological, biochemical and parasitological samples can be analysed free of charge at The Donkey Sanctuary's laboratory.

A faxable laboratory request form to submit samples is available to download. This form is for veterinary practices only.

Information sheet and protocols produced by the Sanctuary include:

  • Haematological and Biochemical Parameters - normal values for donkeys.
  • Hyperlipaemia - diagnosis and treatment of.
  • Foot problems - including laminitis and seedy toe.
  • Field anaesthesia, and
  • Castration.
Laboratory request form (Word)188 KB
Laboratory request form (PDF)63.29 KB