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Donny makes a miraculous recovery

Donny getting some exercise

Donny arrives at our Visitor Farm in Liscarroll after making a miraculous recovery. He has fought all the odds and has made a miraculous recovery. You might remember he was just 5 days old when he came into the sanctuary in January after his mother died.

Tinsel on her way back to meet the public

Tinsel on her way back to meet the public

Many of you will remember our Christmas orphan who came into our care in December 2007. She was still trying to suckle her dead mother when our driver, Patrick Barrett Jnr, and veterinary nurse, Tina Buckley, collected her. It was decided to call her Tinsel as it was so near Christmas. They brought her back to the Sanctuary where she was bottle fed three hourly around the clock. She was loved by all the staff and thought Eileen Barrett was her surrogate mother, and to the amusement of our visitors, followed her around the yard and up the walkways during exercise time.

The Donkey Sanctuary, UK


In 1987 Paddy's rescue centre for donkeys linked up with The Donkey Sanctuary. Paddy and his family have continued to work relentlessly to help and improve conditions for donkeys throughout Ireland.

The Donkey Sanctuary is based in Sidmouth, Devon, UK where, over the years, more and more donkeys have been taken into care. To date over 12,500 have passed through the Donkey Sanctuary's gates in the UK and Ireland.

How it all began

Paddy with little Freya

Paddy and his family have a long tradition of helping animals and donkeys in particular. Paddy's grandfather was a police officer in the Metropolitan police who returned to Ireland on his retirement. He kept donkeys on the site at Knockardbane from 1926 and this has now become our main Donkey Sanctuary site which is open to the public.

Come and visit

Donkeys grazing

The Sanctuary is set in the beautiful rolling countryside of County Cork just outside the village of Liscarroll in Ireland.

We have taken in over 2,850 donkeys rescued from all parts of the country. Many donkeys have been abandoned or put in a field and given little or no attention after having worked for their owners for years, hauling peat or pulling a cart. We strongly believe that their suffering should cease.

Useful information

Rainbow over the Sanctuary

Opening times

The Sanctuary is open at the following times with free admission:

  • Monday-Friday, 9.00 am to 4.30 pm
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
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