Relinquishing your donkey

Relaxing with the donkeys

The Admissions Department is an important part of our welfare team. If you have a donkey or a group of donkeys that you are no longer able to care for then the Donkey Sanctuary is able to offer a home to them for the rest of their days, provided they are fit to travel. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions with regard to relinquishing your donkey, which you may find helpful. If you feel that this is for you then do give us a call. We will talk you through our relinquishment procedures and will arrange for one of our welfare officers to come and visit you and your donkey should you decide to relinquish them into our care.

No donkey is ever refused admittance providing it has a certificate of fitness to travel.

The Donkey Sanctuary will decide where your donkey is best suited. If you have any concerns with regard to the following then please discuss these with your visiting welfare officer, as by signing your donkey over to The Donkey Sanctuary you are relinquishing all rights of ownership.

Initially the donkey will be collected by the Sanctuary and either come into Hannigans Farm here in Ireland or go to one of the Sanctuary's holding bases. In each case a 6 week settling in period will be completed where vaccinations, farriery and worming will be updated. It is after this period that the donkey's future will be decided.

We have put together a list of frequently asked quesitons for your information. If you have any further questions or wish a donkey to be relinquished, please contact us.