Irish Sanctuary helps Nuala the frail foal


Six-month old Nuala arrived into the care of Irish-based Donkey Sanctuary on Tuesday 18th March suffering with extremely poor vision, a matted coat and painfully long feet.

Her owner could not cope with the specialist care that she needed and contacted the Sanctuary before her condition got worse.

Eamon Walsh, one of the Sanctuary's vets, has been treating Nuala. He says: "Nuala is a very frail donkey and has extremely sore feet. She has started to eat slightly more food which is a good sign and is looking slightly brighter in herself.

"Over the last week or so Nuala has become slightly more at ease with her surroundings. We feed her in the same place and at the same time everyday, routine is essential for her so that she feels safe, which will help her with her recovery.

"We talk to Nuala so that she can hear us when we enter the stable and we always move slowly around her which minimises any extra stress around her. She’s a lovely donkey; we just hope that she will be okay".

The Irish-based Donkey Sanctuary is connected to The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon which is the largest of its kind in the world and has a wealth of experience of dealing with donkeys just like Nuala.