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Donkey Care Courses

The Donkey Sanctuary welfare team provide donkey care courses throughout Ireland catering for all abilities, levels of knowledge and interest. On Saturday past eleven enthusiastic individuals gathered in my kitchen to learn more about the wonderful world of donkeys! It became clear to me that there were four distinct groups present:

Group 1 – exuberantly enthusiast persons, keen on learning more about donkeys but had never cared for an animal bigger than a Labrador dog.

The group of donkeys enthusiasts attending the course

Donkeys enjoy outreach visits

This year we are celebrating 30 years of rescuing and rehabilitating donkeys but we are also acknowledging the fact that we have spent a great deal of time educating the public and offering information and advice on donkey welfare in Ireland.

A visitor enjoying donkey grooming at The Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland extremely grateful for funding award of €120,000

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland was in receipt of a funding award from The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine on Christmas week. The funding will help to launch and implement a proposed Donkey Welfare Improvement Scheme (DWIS) for 2017.

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland has been in operation for almost thirty years and in that time has rescued and rehabilitated over 5,250 donkeys and mules. The organisation is currently overstretched and is currently caring for a staggering 1,823 donkeys and mules.

Noel with some of our rescue donkeys

TV debut for our donkeys

On Sunday night last I got a phone-call about a slot that had opened up on the RTÉ Today Show on Monday evening. I spoke at length with Denise the researcher and we got the ball rolling! Denise wanted a donkey to come to the studio but after explaining that donkeys require companionship she quickly agreed that two donkeys would be more suitable and we knew the two girls that would be right for the job- Molly and Ginny.

Maura, Daithi, Molly, Ginny, Joe and Tríona

Home for Christmas

I first met Comet and Eclipse in July 2015, two stunning skewbald donkeys, mother and daughter. Although their elderly owner cared about them, he could no longer care for them and contacted The Donkey Sanctuary for help rehoming his donkeys. They made the long journey from Meath to Cork where they received much needed attention to their hooves, teeth and other routine treatments. Although gentle and friendly, both mares were nervous and had received only limited handling. It would take some time to return both to full health and build their trust in people.

Comet and Eclipse adapting to their new home

Carol service in Celbridge

Carol services are a major part of the Christmas season and Tom Browning’s class in the special needs school in St Raphaels, Celbridge, Co Kildare were practicing their special Carol “Little Donkey”. So Tom thought he would invite The Donkey Sanctuary to bring a donkey or two.

Ian and Cathy with Baxten and Phoenix

Daisy and Derrin find loving home in time for Christmas

Daisy and Derrin came into the Sanctuary’s care in April of this year as the result of their owner passing away. The gentleman’s widow sadly was not able to cope with managing the donkeys as she herself was in her mid 70’s and found looking after them on a daily basis too demanding.

Daisy and her daughter Derrin proved to be very kind donkeys and as we worked with both ‘girls’ over the summer their lovely personalities and confidence shone through.

Daisy and Derrin wiht their new Donkey Guardian


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