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Helping to support responsible pet advertising

Noel Carton, Head of Operations, Donkey Sanctuary Ireland and Dr Joe Collins, Senior Donkey Welfare Advisor, have been working with the Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Ireland, and other animal welfare organisations to set up the Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group (IPAAG).

Simon Coveney TD, Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine launched IPAAG's Minimum Standards for online classified advertising websites on 15th April 2015.

Baby Foal Diesel makes a Friend

Diesel was taken into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary when he was just a few hours old after being rejected by his mother. He was very weak and in need of nourishment and care. The Veterinary team responded immediately and brought the weak little fellow into the warm and secure Sanctuary where he was bottle fed. The Vet and Farm teams formulated a rota as Diesel needed to be fed every two hours and monitored closely. There were some heart-wrenching moments when the Veterinary Surgeons were called in urgently and we were unsure of Diesel's future.

Diesel nuzzling up to best friend Olaf

Baby foal rescue

This little baby foal was born to a young donkey mare that rejected him. The donkey's concerned owner called The Donkey Sanctuary and asked for help. The Sanctuary responded immediately and the weak baby foal, just hours old was brought into The Sanctuary.

The Veterinary team are doing an incredible job of caring for the foal and feeding him every 2 hours. He will require a huge amount of care and attention but will hopefully grow to become a healthy, strong donkey.

Diesel when we first rescued him

Spud and Charlie find Foster Home

Last year Jacqui and Paul became the proud foster owners of beautiful donkeys Spud and Charlie. Spud and Charlie relocated to the scenic Galway where they are loved and adored.

If you are interested in fostering donkeys and have a minimum of one acre of land, shelter and an area of hard-standing then please call our welfare department on 022-49013.

By fostering donkeys you are creating space on our farms to rescue donkeys that are in need of sanctuary.

Donkeys looking for new homes

We have many donkeys at the sanctuary that are waiting to find their forever home. We would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a donkey guardian.

We currently have over 550 donkeys that are very happy out in guardian homes around Ireland. Some of our guardians tell us that "they can't imagine life without them" and "they are very intelligent and entertaining animals." If you feel that you have adequate time to care for two donkeys then please get in touch.

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Brigid's first birthday

Brigid is celebrating her first birthday this week! Brigid is foal to mother Sheena who we rescued in very poor condition in 2013. Luckily both mare and foal are healthy, happy donkeys now.

Last year we rescued 388 donkeys in total, 15 of those were mares that were in foal when they came into our care. We offer these foals sanctuary and guarantee them a life free from pain and suffering.

Brigid and Sheena

Update on Bevan

Bevan who was rescued in pitiful conditions in 2013 by The Donkey Sanctuary has had a long recovery process. He suffered terrible neglect and found it difficult to trust people at first but he gained confidence through his friend Craig. Craig and Bevan are the best of friends and are never apart!

Thank you most sincerely for your continued support and compassion. Without you we would not be able to continue, from everyone at The Donkey Sanctuary we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude.

Craig and Bevan

Happy ending for Colin and Ronnie

Padre Pio Nursing Home in Churchtown, Co. Cork recently fostered two beautiful donkeys Colin and Ronnie. The donkeys' arrival was highly anticipated and they were welcomed by a large committee of senior citizens and staff.

Colin and Ronnie are thrilled to have a home to call their own. They receive a great deal of love and attention from everyone there and have been a great addition. The two donkeys enjoyed their first Christmas in Churchtown where they were greeted by Santa Clause and received treats for being so well behaved!

Colin and Ronnie enjoying their new surroundings


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