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Finance Manager

The Donkey Sanctuary’s activities in Ireland began in 1987 and since then over 4,600 donkeys have been taken into our care and provided with loving homes. We continue to rescue and care for abandoned, abused and neglected donkeys from every corner of Ireland.

As part of our strategic plan and the continuing programme of development we are looking to add a Finance Manager to our team in Liscarroll, Co Cork to provide leadership and further develop the finance function for the charity.

Cadbury finds care and protection

This three year old stallion donkey was rescued recently by The Donkey Sanctuary. He was left abandoned on a road and presented with a wound on his neck and with a very nervous and scared demeanour.

We are unsure of what trauma and abuse he has suffered in the past but we are sure that those days are over for him now. The fear in his eyes will slowly fade away as he learns from our patient and loving staff what is to be cared for and protected.

Cadbury with fear in his eyes

A journey to happiness for Comet and Eclipse

Stunning donkeys Comet and Eclipse have experienced a great deal in their short lives. Comet is just under 3 years old and Eclipse is Comet's foal and is a one year old.

The beautiful donkeys were purchased in the good times and with the economic downturn came the emigration of their owner. The donkeys were left in the care of an elderly gentleman whose health was declining.

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Comet and Eclipse

The story of blind donkey foal Bocelli

The Donkey Sanctuary rescued a pregnant mare that was abandoned in extremely poor conditions in January 2015. On July 12th Eren gave birth to a very special foal in the safety of The Donkey Sanctuary.

In January 2015 Donkey Welfare Adviser Cathy Griffin responded to an urgent call about three donkeys that had been abandoned in a remote field with no access to grazing or shelter.


Super Granny Donkeys

Did you know that donkeys can live for up to fifty years if treated correctly? We have almost 1,700 donkeys altogether in our care in Ireland ranging from new-born foals to our oldest donkey Tootsie who is the amazing age of 53 years!

Some of our more mature donkeys having a rest

Sanctuary Vet Team is here to help with your donkeys ailments

Many people are not aware that if you are a donkey owner and you have concerns about your donkey’s health and welfare- we are here to help.

We are very fortunate to have a state of the art veterinary hospital, two incredible Veterinary Surgeons and a great team of Vet nurses here in Liscarroll. We also have a Diagnostic Lab and lab technician who ensures that the donkey’s bloods are regular and that they are all free from disease. The hospital also offers an x-ray service, a padded drop-down box and an exquisite operating theater.

Mick is minding Sinclair after his laser treatment

Direct Debit Assistant

We have a vacancy for a Direct Debit Assistant to work within the Fundraising team in Knockardbane, Liscarroll.

This new role will require you to provide advice and information to our supporters in-country and to process the direct debit income for the Charity.

Excellent administration, communication and IT skills are essential, as is the ability to demonstrate a high level of accuracy and attention to detail and to work successfully with a number of conflicting demands.

Jane is the light in the dark for two desperate donkeys

When faced with insurmountable odds, I know that my response and my fellow Welfare Advisers is to go that extra mile for donkeys in need. And so when asked to respond to two abandoned donkey in a forest reported to be over 100 acres the thought process was not so much how on earth do I find them but let’s do our utmost to locate them and bring them the care that they need.

Darkley and Squirrell abandoned and alone before rescue


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