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Rehoming Success for Rosie and donkeys

Marie was rescued by one of our Donkey Welfare Adviser in 2012 as a weak baby foal. She was very neglected when she first came into our care and the veterinary and farm team dedicated great time and effort into building up her strength. She became friends with Asha and they were prepared to go out to a new home together.

Keen donkey lover and Sanctuary supporter Rosie visited us in Liscarroll and met her beautiful donkeys. Rosie has a stunning donkey called Mousie already and was keen to get more company after Mousie sadly lost her son.

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Fundraising Day

Event date: 
Sunday, 22 November, 2015 - 11:00
Event status: 
Places available

The Reynolds family in Cavan have rehomed two of our donkeys and very kindly organized a fundraising day on behalf of The Donkey Sanctuary on Sunday November 22nd. Please support and find out about the work of The Donkey Sanctuary and learn more about rehoming donkeys and the benefits it can bestow.

Fundraising Poster

Sanctuary and friendship in Cork City for a rescued donkey called St Francis

The kindness of Cork City residents has this month helped to save a donkey which is now recovering in the care of The Donkey Sanctuary.

Several members of the public in Cork had become concerned for the donkey, which has since been named St Francis, after seeing him tied to a railing by his back leg with a painfully tight head collar. The donkey could barely move and eventually broke free from the railing and wandered onto the areas’ extremely busy roads.

Clogs and St Francis

It makes cents to donate to The Donkey Sanctuary

The Government is set to approve the removing of one and two cent coins from circulation nationally so why not donate your coins to The Donkey Sanctuary? We will have a large collection jar in our Visitor Centre here in Liscarroll or you can contact us for a lodgement slip at or call us on 022-48398 for more information. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Donate your cents

HR Administration Assistant

We are looking to recruit an experienced HR Administration Assistant to support the operational activities of the Operational Support Manager at The Donkey Sanctuary (Ireland) Limited.

The main duties will include responding to HR enquiries with timely and accurate advice, supporting and facilitating the recruitment and new starter processes and assisting with the updating and maintenance of personnel records and other employment related documentation – both paper based and electronic.

Donkeys abandoned in derelict warehouse find solace with the Sanctuary

It’s hard to envisage what to expect when you receive a call concerning two donkeys abandoned in a disused site and what you will see when you arrive there. Our Welfare team is certainly used to dealing with unexpected situations but we are naturally often shocked ourselves by what we see. It seems that the parameters of donkey neglect and irresponsible management are constantly being stretched further and further…

The area where the donkeys were rescued from

Stage 1: Donkey care induction day

Event date: 
Saturday, 12 December, 2015 - 10:00 to 16:00
Enniscorthy, Co Wexford
Event status: 
Places available

This one day course combines the latest knowledge about caring for donkeys with practical hands on experience.

The day will help you decide if donkeys are suitable for your home and what to expect when they arrive and to feel more confident about looking after and handling your donkeys.

Donkeys are not small horses with big ears so even if you have owned horses for 20 years there is so much to learn about the differences between caring for donkeys and horses that attending a course is always an eye-opener.

Stage 1: Donkey care induction day

Please help donkeys in need like James

James was rescued by The Donkey Sanctuary after being abandoned in a field for two years. He was extremely neglected with painful, overgrown hooves.

The staff and volunteers at The Sanctuary thought him what it is like to be loved and cared for.

We rescue donkeys like James on a regular basis and we would not have the ability to do so without the loyal support of the public.

Please make a donation, however big or small to The Donkey Sanctuary today, every cent goes towards the care and welfare of our beloved donkeys.

James receiving care from Donkey Sanctuary staff


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