Snowy is an extremely clever and playful donkey who came into the Sanctuary during the Summer. His owner warned us that he has been known to open gates and told us a couple of stories of Snowy's antics.

Once he wanted to get at some chicken feed which was safely tucked under a horsebox out of Snowy's way. Not to be deterred, Snowy laid down beside the horsebox and gradually managed to manoeuvre himself underneath until he could reach out his front leg and kick the food container out. He then reversed out, stood up and enjoyed his meal.

Donkey Watch webcam

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During the warmer months our resident 'oldies' like to roam and graze the fields. However, during the colder months the donkeys like to stay closer to their stables on the main yard.

Amanda and Pepper Jay – creatures of habit!

Amanda and Pepper Jay

Amanda and Pepper Jay must be two of the luckiest foster donkeys on our foster scheme and what you might call truly Blessed with the home they have been sharing with nine nuns at the Carmelite Monastery in Delgany, Co Wicklow for the past seven years.

More and more donkeys coming in!

Some of the Walton group

The rate of donkeys coming into our care has accelerated enormously recently. Last week alone we had 27 donkeys come through our gates, with a possible 12 to follow shortly. In just one morning, we took five calls – all from owners needing to find a new home for their donkeys. It looks as though this could be a very busy winter here in Ireland. Because we never turn a donkey way, Sanctuary staff are now working both sides of the Irish sea, to help make space available for donkeys coming into our care here in Ireland due to the dreadful economic climate we are finding ourselves in.

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If you are able help us continue to give homes to donkeys in need, please make a donation.

Quality time volunteers

We are looking for enthusiastic, flexible people with their own transport who are willing to give some quality time to our resident donkeys. Suitable applicants will receive training and be accredited to work in pairs on our farms in Liscarroll - the most suitable farm for each person will be selected by our experienced trainers.

Jacinta gets a visit

Julie-Ann leads the grazing

For some mysterious reason I'm usually to be seen in West Cork every year around 22nd August and this year was no exception. North Cork donkeys usually take advantage of the situation, and Jacinta first of all, as they all know that I won’t miss visiting them and bringing carrots and apples by 10-kilo bags and gingernuts for the treat box.

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