The Donkey Sanctuary welcomes ban on owning animals for donkey cruelty case


The Donkey Sanctuary has welcomed the life long ban on owning animals handed down to Mr Seamus Dolan of Ahascragh, Co. Galway at Ballinasloe District Court on Thursday 22nd March 2012. Mr Dolan was also fined €1,000 with €350 of this to go to The Donkey Sanctuary for veterinary fees incurred. Our Area Welfare Officer Stephanie Forde was called to take the stand and her evidence combined with compelling photographs and the attending veterinary surgeon’s report helped secure the conviction.

In February 2011 Area Welfare Officer Stephanie alerted the Gardai to the neglected condition of the donkeys. The four donkeys in question, Lexi, Mindy, Wispa and Crunchie were subsequently seized by the Gardai and relinquished to the care of The Donkey Sanctuary. Lexi was in an appalling state, heavily in foal with hooves so long and twisted she could barely walk. Mindy who was also in foal furthermore had feet that were extremely uncared for and hindered her ability to walk correctly. Wispa’s hind feet were so long they caused a funny high stepping action behind as she moved. The four animals were heavily infested with lice and had no access to food or water.

Four became six with Lexi giving birth to a beautiful dark grey filly foal called Superstar. Mindy also had a gorgeous brown filly named Ruby. All six donkeys are now happy and healthy in their lifelong home here at The Donkey Sanctuary.

Hot on the heels of this case came the conviction of Mr Tim Joe Murphy for offences against cattle and donkeys at Mallow District Court on Tuesday last (27th March 2012). Mr Murphy who had pleaded guilty to the offences at a previous court hearing was sentenced to four months imprisonment which were suspended for two years. Mr Murphy was ordered to cooperate with the Department of Agriculture Inspectors in implementing their recommendations. The Judge also ordered that Mr Murphy’s donkeys are to be relinquished to The Donkey Sanctuary with the exception of two non breeding donkeys.

In October 2011, a Department of Agriculture Veterinary Surgeon contacted The Donkey Sanctuary seeking advice and assistance regarding the donkeys on Mr Murphy’s farm. When our Welfare Manager visited the site with our Cork area Welfare Officer, they found the donkeys in horrendous conditions. They had no access to shelter over the winter period and were so hungry they were eating bark off the trees. Their health was very poor and they struggled to find water. They had a large number of internal parasites and they had various open wounds. Some donkeys had rain scald, one had a bleeding sarcoid and all the donkeys were treated for lice infestations. The Donkey Sanctuary worked closely with the Department of Agriculture over the last number of months to help bring this case to a successful conclusion.

The Donkey Sanctuary urgently needs donations to ensure the protection of abandoned and mistreated donkeys in Ireland as well as helping in prosecuting those responsible for such atrocities. To date we have rescued over 3,500 donkeys and equines and currently have over 600 animals in our care. If you would like to help donkeys like Lexi, Mindy, Wispa and Crunchie please telephone the Fundraising Department on 022 48398. Debit or credit cards accepted. Alternatively you can send donations by post to The Donkey Sanctuary, Liscarroll, Mallow, Co. Cork.