Sam's sarcoid dilemma


We often come across cases of neglect and Sam is no exception. At three years of age, Sam certainly had not had the best start in life. Rescued by our Sanctuary in Ireland he now has a Sanctuary for life.

Sam’s owners hadn’t realised the level of care he needed; his feet were very long and he had a large, untreated, sarcoid growing on his face. Realising they couldn’t provide him with the attention he needed, they contacted our Sanctuary in Liscarroll, in Ireland and he was brought into our care on the 29th April 2009.

Concerning our staff the most was the sarcoid growing below the base of his left ear. These skin tumours are very common in donkeys and should always be treated by a vet. Sam had a large, pedunculated fibroblastic sarcoid, which was black, very bloody and smelled terrible.

Our vet, Eamon Walsh, was pleased to find that the sarcoid, which had spread across the side of Sam’s face, was only attached by a small area. The day after Sam arrived into our care, his painful and uncomfortable sarcoid was removed under local anaesthetic and he was given a course of antibiotics and painkillers.

Sam on his arrival to the Sanctuary

Marie Egan, working in the veterinary department, says: “You wouldn’t believe the difference in Sam when he first arrived to how he is now. His long feet have been trimmed and the awful sarcoid on his face is merely a small wound that is healing nicely. Interestingly, we’ve been applying honey to the wound each day as it naturally helps granulate the site and speed up the healing process.”

Unfortunately, treatment is not always successful and sarcoids can grow back and spread to other locations. But Sam is now surrounded by caring staff that have the time to keep a close check on his coat and skin every day, and if any new growths are detected, we can treat them without delay.

Sam is currently carrying out his ‘isolation’ period before he joins the resident herd at Hannigan’s Farm later in June; he is guaranteed a life of loving, expert care and a Sanctuary for life.

I am so so so please to see Sam has recovered from his operation after having the Sarcoid removed from his face. I do not mentally understand how any human being can leave any kind of animal to suffer like the way Sam was when he came to the Sanctuary first. Keep up the good work !!!! :-)