Fostering donkeys

Donkeys in the shade

Owning donkeys is one of the most pleasurable activities that anyone could hope for. Obtaining them, however, is not that simple. Markets and dealers can be fraught with problems. You never can be sure of how old or how healthy the donkeys are. You may know of someone who shows or breeds donkeys, but these may be expensive and there are not many available.

Here at The Donkey Sanctuary we have a fostering scheme which may help you obtain a pair of healthy donkeys. Not all the donkeys that come into the Sanctuary are old or in poor condition, many are young and fit, and would benefit from being in a foster home.

To obtain donkeys from The Donkey Sanctuary, you will have to have a minimum of one acre of well-fenced land with a shelter for them. Part of the fostering scheme is that you will receive a day's training in Basic Donkey Care. In return you will receive two fully vetted donkeys on permanent loan that you will be responsible for.

The Donkey Sanctuary has a network of welfare officers to give you any advice you may require.

By giving a home to two of our healthy donkeys, you will help make room at the Sanctuary for less fortunate donkeys, who need constant care and attention.

Because donkeys are sociable animals who like company, the Sanctuary only allows them out to foster homes in pairs.

If you would like further information, please contact us.