Neglected, starving and in dreadful pain

Flush was found neglected, starving and in dreadful painWhen Flush was relinquished into our care last year, we were shocked by the level of suffering this poor donkey had endured.

Nine year old Flush was in an appalling condition. He had clearly not been given adequate food and was extremely thin. Even worse, poor Flush’s hooves were so severely overgrown that he needed emergency specialist treatment to relieve his suffering. Despite receiving first class treatment by our dedicated team of experts, he will sadly need ongoing specialist farrier care for the rest of his life.

Shockingly Flush was just one of a group of 38 donkeys whose owner could no longer afford to look after them. Nearly all were malnourished and had overgrown feet. Some had viral warts on their muzzles and some had serious illnesses such as sarcoids, a type of skin tumour. Tragically the group also included three foals that were too young to
be weaned and were trying to suckle other donkeys.

Once these donkeys had been placed into our care, arrangements were quickly put in place for them to receive veterinary care along with plenty of expert nurturing and attention.

Safely rescued from his miserable existence, our priority was to deal with poor Flush’s hooves. They were so desperately long and overgrown that they were causing him a huge amount of pain. We were able to give Flush the expert treatment he needed and careful corrective trimming of his front feet has put him on the road to recovery.

Flush is now happily living here at The Donkey Sanctuary in Cork, Ireland, where he receives the care and attention that he deserves. Our farm staff are very happy with his progress and have noticed a huge change in this gorgeous little donkey. Groom Dawn O’Connor says “When Flush arrived, he was very nervous and did not like being led by our staff. However, thanks to plenty of tender loving care, Flush’s real character is now shining through and we have discovered a lovely and affectionate donkey.”

Flush has settled very happily with all the other donkeys but still spends most of his time with his friends Flapper, Flash, Flicker and Frisky who were rescued alongside him.

A sad tale of our times

Sadly our job does not end with the rescue of Flush and his friends. The very poor economic situation in Ireland, now in its fifth year with no sign of recovery, has dealt
us a devastating blow, as costs for feed, bedding and medicines continue to rise.

Flush with his friend Friskey

Meanwhile, the number of homeless and abandoned donkeys is reaching unprecedented levels as owners struggle to afford the cost of their care. Last year saw an extraordinary surge in the number of donkeys being relinquished into our care, with 374 new arrivals in Ireland alone. Due to lack of space at our Irish farms, many of these donkeys are brought to the UK where they are either given life-long care at our Devon
Sanctuary or found loving foster families.

We never turn away a donkey in distress but we desperately need your help to carry on. Any donation you feel able to make, no matter how small, will help to ensure we have enough resources to provide for donkeys like Flush and his friends.

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