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Local education and collaboration

One of the aims of The Donkey Sanctuary is to spread the word about how best to care for donkeys far and wide, we officially do so more than once a month in the form of our Donkey Care Courses. After completing the course you will receive a certificate to prove your attendance and your donkey knowledge. We have so many different groups coming from all over the country from private donkey owners, donkey lovers, potential donkey guardians, work experience students, new staff, the list is end-list.

Some of the group members

All good things come to an end

We are saddened to hear about Moses passing away this week in Hannigan's farm, he has been a true favourite through the years. Moses came to The Donkey Sanctuary in June 2001 as a 14 year old gelding from a private home in Co Kilkenny, he had two permanent rope marks embedded on his neck indicating he was abused at some point in his life. His owner relinquished him to us as he felt he was dangerous to his cattle and to people.

Moses sporting his flash new haircut

Lucky Charm and Timothy move around

I have been working at The Donkey Sanctuary for a long time, twenty years plus, mainly at Knockardbane Farm where it all started from a leaking caravan and a few staff.

I can honestly say there never has been one day the same, every day comes with something different- be it happy or sad stories and endings. I recently got the task at short notice to arrange to move two of our donkeys across the water to their new home.

Lucky Charm and Timothy settling in

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