Sanctuary inundated with donkeys like Biscuit...

Biscuit on arrivalBiscuit had been found abandoned by the Gardai on a housing estate in County Wicklow. He was malnourished and had painfully long feet. When our lorry driver, Eugene Butler, went to his rescue, the poor chap practically jumped into the lorry as if he wanted to be taken away from the terrible plight he was in.

He is currently being cared for at Welfare Officer Clem Ryan's holding base in County Waterford, where he is making a good recovery. His feet are being trimmed regularly, which makes walking easier for him. He's no longer a nervous donkey and in fact he has become quite a character – following Clem around in the mornings and pestering until he gets his bucket of breakfast. Biscuit is no longer facing a bleak future.

This year alone, we have taken in over 240 donkeys and many more arrive every week. This huge increase in cases is placing an enormous strain on our resources here. The situation is so bad that we’re having to transport dozens of donkeys to our farms in the UK.

With our Sanctuaries almost full to capacity, Biscuit is currently being cared for at our holding base which Clem Ryan runs and we’re pleased to report he is making a great recovery. At first Biscuit had been very nervous of humans but is developing a level of trust with Clem and now becoming quite a character!

"Biscuit is one of
over 240 donkeys
that have arrived into
our Sanctuary in Ireland
this year alone and more
arrive every week."

He often follows Clem in the morning, pestering him for his bucket of feed! Fortunately we can now regularly trim his feet to make walking comfortable and the extra breakfasts are helping him to regain weight steadily.

Best of all, he’s found a companion in Mr T, a two year old stallion that was also abandoned, this time in County Offaly. When space becomes available, Biscuit and Mr T will move to one of our main Sanctuaries where they will be safe in our care for the rest of their lives.

Biscuit (left) with his new friend Mr THow you can help us

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"You are safe now
Biscuit. You will be
looking much better
in no time. Thanks to
all for rescuing him."
Mary Trant Hickey

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